STI eLearning helps educational Institutions select, develop and implement emerging technology assisted pedagogies to increase student achievement, teacher quality, and operational efficiency.

STI also helps digital learning companies extend their markets, reduce costs, and improve student outcomes by developing or acquiring better technologies and processes.

Featured recent STI eLearning activities:

Blended Learning Pilot - Algebra 2

  Blended Learning Increases Student Achievement

Math Teacher Chris Mabley and STI eLearning Consultant Michael Dolan adapt learning to each student’s pace, path and style. Management of students, each learning different topics, was supported by online software. Compared to a traditional class, student study time was reduced and teacher time for enriched personalized instruction increased. The extra time could also be used for project, group, inquiry and multi-curriculum based learning.

Created a series of badge challenges to accompany the Spanish Proficiency Training Website and Learner Corpus . Badge Challenges will serve to informally accredit the learning that takes place through open education resources online.